EICTP Research Study: Key Determinants in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond. Trajectory, Disruption and the Way Forward. Volume II.

The still spreading pandemic has put our accelerated modern interdependent way of life to a screeching halt. Governments across the globe have implemented strict measures to fight the endemic spread of SARS COV-2. The unthinkable has become reality and civil liberties are still being limited under the title of tackling the virus.

It has been a relative shock to find how vulnerable our sophisticated society in fact is against such threats, and how difficult it is for both politics and administration to switch into a more efficient “operational modus”. Who would have thought in 2019 that nationwide curfews, closings of bars, restaurants and shops, as well as massive interventions in our everyday lives would become the new order of the day throughout Europe? Against the backdrop of this global disruption that affects all areas of our lives, from business to security, almost everything that determined our existence seems to be subsumed under the paradigm of global health necessities. Other than the necessary focus on the fight against the pandemic and its
consequences for both economy and society, it is also important not to lose concentration on the security policy-related aspects connected with it.

Taking into consideration what kind of implications the coronavirus has on security and transnational terrorism in particular seems to be the essential task of eminent scholarship in the field. For that reason, the instant volume is dedicated to a thorough investigation and courageous exploration of trends and key factors that will likely shape and determine the phenomenon of politically motivated extremist violence for the time to come. Some of the most distinguished international scholars dealing with terrorism provide an accurate analysis of what is currently going on and what has to be expected in the near future. Moreover, some of the expert contributions shed a light on actually new developments with regard to terrorism, that are introduced and discussed.

EICTP Vienna Research Papers on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Volume II