Research Paper: Transnational Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. Current Developments. Volume I

Identifying and analyzing the central security policy challenges for Europe is a major priority for the European Institute for Counter Terrorism and Conflict Prevention (EICTP). With focus on EICTP’s activities and its aims of overcoming intercultural, interreligious differences, transnational terrorist networks and hybrid conflicts manifest a substantially growing threat to global security. Given an increasing necessity to understand systematic developments, paradigmatic shifts and recent trends in the sphere of politically motivated violence against innocent victims, we devote ourselves to in-depth analyses and studies of such uncertainty scenarios. We consider it a key task to make the effects of prevention and (non-)intervention transparent and assessable.

It is therefore our aim to actively contribute well-founded strategies, provide feasible solution approaches and suggest options for action to policymakers. This is expected to be conducive to strengthening confidence in public order for a stable, strategic environment for promoting cooperation with European neighbours and partners beyond.

By means of this major research study, a collection of state of the art contributions by worldleading experts in the field on the subject of transnational terrorism and its multifaceted implications, EICTP intends to provide a first-hand account dealing with the imminent subconventional threats to current international security environments. Reflections introduced and elaborated cover a wide range of issues dealing, among others, with strategic and hybrid terrorism, the systemic dimension, prevalent actors, counter-narratives, the crime terrornexus, the role of digitalization and the spiral dynamic between Islamist and right-wing terrorism. The expert papers should provide a condensed overview of current developments, structural linkages and important academic debates centering around transnational, Salafijihadi terrorism and counter-terrorism.

EICTP aims at applying its holistic and solution-oriented approach of connecting the competencies of an international expert network with contacts and practical experiences from conflict regions. This publication is part of EICTP’s contribution and raises important questions that are subject to further analytical investigation.

EICTP Vienna Research Paper Series, Volume I: Current Developments on Transnational Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism